Marianne Barnard (M)

~ Artist ~

Marianne is an abstract expressionist artist creating in a broad spectrum of mediums. Her art comes from a deep place within her psyche, expressing both personal and social issues.

"Before I start creating, I ignite myself from within and gather energy to reach a level of intensity from which the shapes and colors will be born. I find a piece of music, which moves me and expresses some of the thoughts and feeling I'm wrestling with, which I use as a mantra. I'll listen to a song on repeat throughout the birthing process, letting the energies of the music flow through me so that I become a conduit.
My art is a dance of creation." - (M)

Marianne grew up in Malibu, riding the waves and horseback riding which nurtured her close connection to and love of the ocean and nature. She attended Idyllwild Arts Academy where she was taught by artist Françoise Gilot, the muse and mistress of Picasso. Marianne Barnard (M) received her Bachelor of Arts, Fine and Studio Arts, from Pepperdine University.

My hands will be all over tonight!

Broadway & 46th St.  8-9pm

 art exhibit and viewing party.

#FlowersForFreedom for Ai Weiwei 

Received email today from See.Me stating my artwork for #seemetakeover is being censored & not being displayed. 

My guess is the piece in question is “Grab A Hold On You” due to nudity. Interesting thing is, See Me sent me an email inviting me to #seemetakeover and asking me to submit this image:

I paint because my soul has no words to communicate the emotions rising up and reaching across time and space to that which is eternal.

"Between Us" by (M) on Flickr.

Diptych, 48” x 75” hung,
mixed media: acrylic paint and Montana markers.
Mantra for this piece,
‘Because You Loved Me’ by Celine Dion
In honor of my brother, Chuck

"You have to put the energy of your being into the painting." - F. Gilot

'Edible Present' For my teacher James Franco on Flickr.

incase you are wondering about “collagephoneography”; it’s a term I coined to describe my latest creative idea of combining collage and iphoneography, it’s collage sans Modge Podge. The only image that exists is the photograph. I ate the apple. 

Ultra Blue Light on Flickr.