Marianne Barnard (M)

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Marianne is a contemporary expressionist artist creating in a broad spectrum of mediums. Her art comes from a deep place within her psyche, expressing both personal and social issues.

"Before I start creating, I ignite myself from within and gather energy to reach a level of intensity from which the shapes and colors will be born. I find a piece of music, which moves me and expresses some of the thoughts and feeling I'm wrestling with, which I use as a mantra. I'll listen to a song on repeat throughout the birthing process, letting the energies of the music flow through me so that I become a conduit.
My art is a dance of creation." - M

Marianne grew up in Malibu, riding the waves and horseback riding which nutured her close connection to and love of the ocean and nature. She attended Idyllwild Arts Academy were she was taught by Francoise Gilot, the muse and mistress of Picasso, and was subsequently mentored by her. Marianne received her Bachelor of Arts, Fine and Studio Arts, from Pepperdine University.

Road Trippin’

Working on the selfie art form. 

Sleight of Hand on Flickr.

Freedom to be yourself is worth every sacrifice you make today
because, it will determine your tomorrow.
- Marianne Barnard (M) 

L.A. Woman, a lucky little lady in the City of Light

It takes fully embracing your dark side to create art that touches the depth of another’s soul.
Marianne Barnard (M) 

Love reign over me! on Flickr.

"Only love
Can make it rain
The way the beach is kissed by the sea…”

Yummy, edible poetry. on Flickr.

My friend gave me the most unique birthday present I’ve ever received, edible poetry, a poem wrapped around Brussels sprouts!

"The tree of abundance contains many branches. The branches, many sprouts. The sprouts, many leaves, many patterns, intricate & delicate; nature’s paintbrush. For many, the word abundance connotes wealth but abundance contains so much more than dollar bills. Abundance holds friendship, family, love, soul, health, joy, creativity, art, pleasure, peace, comfort, freedom, balance, happiness, 500 Brussels sprouts. May abundance be present in your life’s every moment." - Chaya Silberstein

Art is a dance of creation
Marianne Barnard (M) 

Juicey Culture by Marianne Barnard (M) on Flickr.

limited edition of 50 signed and numbered prints. 

Dawn on Flickr

"There is no split between an artist, their art and the artist’s beliefs unless there is a split in the artist. 

These are inextricably interwoven: they are one.” - Marianne Barnard (M) 

Life’s a Beach… on Flickr.

Malibu’s Plastic Pollution.

I created this photo from trash I found on the beach.

"No, no, we are not satisfied, and we will not be satisfied until justice rolls down like waters and righteousness like a mighty stream." Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. 

In The Name of Love 

Instagram I took of the Martin Luther King Memorial in Yerba Buena Gardens, San Francisco, California 

Grab A Hold On You